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The Great Housing Debate: Buying vs Renting – DSNews

On a national basis, for households who move every seven years and can afford to put 20 percent down, today buying a home is 37.7 percent less expensive than renting. This is up slightly from the year prior, and across the 100 largest metros it ranges from over 50 percent to slightly under 20 percent. Nationally, prices have increased by 5.9 percent year-over-year in comparison to a growth of 3.5 percent for rents. But thanks to low mortgage rates keeping pressure on prices, say McLaughlin, buying a home today continues to be the best deal since 2012.

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Of course these numbers are based on a National Average and 20% down but what do the Silicon Valley numbers look like?


“These markets include: Honolulu, HI; San Jose, CA; Milwaukee, WI; Newark, NJ; San Francisco, CA; Madison, WI; Sacramento, CA; Fairfield County, CT; Oakland, CA; and Ventura County, CA. Despite the fact that these markets have the slimmest advantage for buying compared to renting, it is still at least 22 percent cheaper to buy a home than rent in each of these markets.”

Buying in California

Q. Hi CJ, I am buying a home in California and am legally married in California. My husband is out of the country right now, getting his legal status resolved so he can come legally into the United States. I was told the title needs his signature because we are legally married, even though I am […]

Buying a Home After Short Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy – A Complete Guide

Guest Post by Shashank Shekhar After the Mortgage meltdown of 2007  the rapid depreciation in real estate prices post resulted in financial crisis for a lot of homeowners. As a result of which many went through the nightmare of a foreclosure short-sale or bankruptcy. If you are one of those people, you may be trying […]

Hear Ye Realtors, Banks, and Sellers: Veterans Need Homes!

On this, our Independence Day I want to call out to all involved in the real estate industry for your help. As the wars in Afganistan and Iraq wind down for our U.S. troops, soldiers are returning home, reuniting with their families and looking for homes. They are being rejected by Realtors, banks (short sale […]

Why do I need a preapproval letter to make an offer on a home?

The San Jose, Silicon Valley real estate market is once again heating up.  The current housing market frenzy is  due to the availability of low interest rate loans, high buyer demand, and a very low number of homes on the market.  More and more, buyers are finding themselves in multiple offer situations. A pre-approval letter […]

How do I improve my credit score?

According to a recent New York Times article and a report by the Federal Reserve, a majority of banks are less likely to offer loans to people with a FICO score of 620 and a 10 percent down payment than they were in 2006.  Lenders were also less likely to do so even for those […]

Can I afford to buy a home? Santa Clara County Homeownership Programs Can Help!

In spite of doom and gloom push by many, there are many people that do want to buy a home.  For most, the biggest challenge to buying a home in the greater Silicon Valley is finding the funds for a down payment.  Even with FHA availability requiring only 3.5% down may not be an option […]

Housing Market Outlook. Really? Looking for the Bright Side.

No one in this industry thinks our troubles are over. We all know shadow inventory lurks, we all understand underwriters seem to get tougher and tougher on buyers each day, we understand short sales are far from streamlined. But in my very humble opinion, most of us believe it is better than last year, and better than the year before that.

Using past sales to support an offer?

Q.  I’d like to know your opinion on using past sales as comps to submit an offer. With the quick slide downward since 2007, would it be accurate to say that 2007 sales are pretty much invalid? If there have been April/May 2009 sales for similar homes in the same area, can I take those […]

‘Tis the Season Not to Lie.

This housing market is tough.  No doubt about it.  In speaking with a broker friend of mine he stated, ” What other profession takes a direct pay cut based on the economy? If the market drops 40% , so does my pay check.”  Although the reality of that stinks, I can deal with that fact.  […]

Best Mortgage Rates, Timing, and Reality

I do not do home loans.  I could, but I don’t.  I do know how to find the right house for my clients, negotiate the offer, and close the deal.   That is my specialty.  I leave the loan process to professionals that live and breathe loans everyday.  Professionals like Gabe Bodner with RPM Mortgage in […]

Does a Pool Add Value to a Your Home?

This is one of those questions like the chicken and egg type debates.  It depends.   It depends on  where you live, what type of pool it is, the condition, and a couple of more small details.  Understanding more details about pools will help evaluate what value it brings to your home.  Whether you are looking […]