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San Jose is the most profitable U.S. market for home flipping — here are the top ZIP codes in Silicon Valley – Silicon Valley Business Journal

In San Jose, flippers saw an average of $145,750 in profit per flip, according to a new report.

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Interesting to look at the hot zip codes.  The numbers are very much driven by the perception of best schools and proximity to tech hub.  Note these are gross profits.  It is not always a win for flippers.

Why developers Steadfast Senior Living and Community Development Partners are building 300 units of senior housing in Morgan Hill – Silicon Valley Business Journal

The project, which sits at the intersection of Butterfield Boulevard and San Pedro Avenue, at 16505 Butterfield Blvd, is next to a 250-plus unit senior housing complex by another developer, Community Development Partners.

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We need more of these communities.  For families that want to stay in the Bay Area, we need to accommodate all ages.

Getting Highway 101 moving again: San Mateo County express lane project inches forward, as Facebook, Genentech and Stanford University push for progress – Silicon Valley Business Journal

Possibilities includes converting existing carpool (HOV) lanes to express lanes and adding new express lanes on U.S. 101 between Whipple Road and the I-380 interchange in San Mateo County. It could also include reconstructing ramp connections to U.S. 101 and and installing electronic toll collection.

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Really? Even in the middle of the day? ; )

SocketSite™ | Bay Area Employment Hits a New High

Santa Clara County to a record 1,015,600 with an unemployment rate of 3.8 percent.

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We know this fact by the traffic! We also can count the demand for housing to continue as we simply do not have enough homes to meet the inbound movement.

Real estate investors on U.S. coasts target cheap, out-of-state markets

The companies are pulling in money from clients in costly coastal markets that is boosting demand and home prices in the lower-cost cities they target. “In the last 12 months, I’ve seen more cash buyers from California than I’ve ever seen in my career, and I’ve been doing this for 25 years,” said Anne Callahan, a real estate agent in Cleveland, Ohio, where the average rent for a single-family home is up 4.2 percent over the last year, according to Zillow Research.

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This type of investing is not for the faint of heart and I always suggest taking a basic real estate investment class from a local investment group for tips on out-of-state investing. San Jose Real Estate Investment Group is one recommendation.

San Jose Ideal for Foreign Investors, Says Mayor

Investors from Asia, Taiwan and India, among others, are turning to San Jose as an ideal city. Downtown San Jose boasts six high-rises financed by Chinese investors. Sam said San Jose is benefiting from the declining economy in China, which has a three-to-one debt to GDP ratio.

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Interesting how times change. (?)  However, not clear on the plan for bringing manufacturing back to San Jose.  Doesn’t quite make sense. Unless, of course they are the highest paid manufacturing jobs. #justsayin

Homeowners Regain Equity in Q2 – DSNews

The number of homeowners are in a negative equity position with their homes is dropping substantially every quarter.

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To help with the panicky feeling we all get when the market shows a little flattening, homeowners equity is a great stat to embrace.  The more equity in our housing market, the better buffer we have to ride the waves of the dynamic real estate market.  Keep on building equity America!

Build to Rent Strategy Gains Popularity Driven by Lack of Inventory, Surge in Rental Demand

10 percent of detached single-family households in the country (12.7 million out of 120 million) are renting.

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Builders in Silicon Valley are recognizing “spec building” is not always automatically a sale.  It can also be a rental.  As the article points out, new sub-division builders are setting aside some of the homes for renters. 

Homes for sale in San Jose begin to increase

February’s inventory numbers showed gains in all reported counties when compared both month-over-month and year-over-year. Santa Clara County leads the way in year-over-year gains with a staggering 49% jump, while San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties saw a 23% and 22% jump when compared month-over-month.  More homes are coming to market and this trend will […]

Silicon Valley Real Estate: Not a bubble, simply supply and demand in action

In this Slideshare presentation are some quick stats to support my opinions on the Silicon Valley housing market.  As well my top 10 predictions for the real estate market for 2015.  I welcome your feedback and look forward to helping you find your wealth in real estate. Silicon Valley Real Estate Market Report November 2014 […]

Legal Update #19

What they do not tell sellers, however, is that exposing the property on the MLS puts it on the radar of over 14,500 members, all of whom then have the opportunity to work on their property. Confidential statistics indicate that in 2012, in Santa Clara County alone, properties on the MLS sold for 12.9% higher […]

NAR Sees Home Prices Rising in 2014, Rates Jumping to 5.4%

As chief economist of the National Association of Realtors, the housing industry’s biggest cheerleader, Lawrence Yun often has an optimistic outlook. On Friday, he embraced a bit of caution. CJ Brasiel’s insight:“Housing starts really need to ramp up going into next year,” Mr. Yun said. “Otherwise, home prices will continue to go up. … The […]