Are Buyers Looking For a Green Home?

Green home

There are two very important points in this great post from about “green” and the home buyer.  First, choosing language that connects the feature to the client’s needs is very important.  The word “green” unto itself is vague and tends to mean “costly cool stuff” for home buyers.  The author Suzanne Shelton points out “energy efficiency” can help buyers understand the choice made in construction that will actually benefit the home owner.

 As well, enjoyment and comfort are key words to use when advertising more efficient systems such as radiant heat and allergen free systems.  Bringing both value through enjoyment and re-sale are important benefits to explain to potential home buyers.  The author makes a great point in saying:

“But make no mistake: consumers care about many of the benefits of a green home, they just aren’t turned on by the term. So builders should talk about the health benefits (keeping allergens and toxins out of the house), the comfort benefits, and controlling energy costs. They also should talk about resale value. We see that as the No. 1 barrier to Americans truly embracing efficient homes. They believe they’ll pay more for it without getting their money back when they sell it, yet they believe they’ll get their money back for aesthetic awesomeness (granite counter tops, hardwood floors, etc.).

 A recent UC Berkeley/UCLA study of 1.6 million home transactions found that green labeling improved selling price. Controlling for all other factors, such as location, school district, crime rate, time period of sale, views, and amenities, researchers found that the 4,321 certified energy-efficient homes sold at an average price premium of 9 percent. Builders should start using this fact as part of their pitch to help Americans really embrace the value of a better built, more efficient home.”

A very good post to keep close when discussing “green” options with home owners and home buyers.  If you are considering remodeling and have questions about what options are best to improve your enjoyment and resale, contact me for a no-hassle,no-obligation consultation.

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