Bank of America qualifying owners for up to $30,000 relocation on short sales!

Over the last two years, Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America have come to understand that many homeowners underwater on their home head down the path of non-payment and foreclosure simply because their credit and finances will not allow them to move.  After pilot programs around the U.S., the three major lenders have began offer relocation credits to sellers if they short sale their home.  The HAFA governmental program allowed up to $3,000 for relocation.  Now Bank of America has announced that it will offer up to $30,000 to sellers who work with Bank of America on short selling their home.  The exact amount provided will be determined by the investor, the delinquency, and other factors related to the specific situation of the homeowner.  Just this week, I was able to obtain over $27,000 for a client selling their home via Bank of America’s CO-OP short sale program!  I have also been successful at obtaining $30,000 relocation from Chase for a short sale client.  These programs are real and can be a successful way to allow homeowners underwater on their home; move on.

If you are underwater on your home, and have become behind or will soon be unable to pay your mortgage, contact me now for a no-obligation consultation on your specific situation.  I am certified as a short sale agent with the Bank of America program, Equator Platinum, and have closed  short sales with all major lenders over the last 4 years with 100% success.  I am determined to help home owners save their credit as much as possible and start a new with my experience and my passion.  Don’t wait.  If you have received a letter offering a short sale package, a NOTICE OF DEFAULT, and/or a NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE; time is of the essence!

CJ Brasiel is a Certified Distressed Property Expert


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  1. WOW!! That’s great. Thanks for sharing. And I look forward to hearing more about this from you.