Best summary on the Steps to Buying a Home

David Kean, RealtorI ran across this article written by David Kean with Prudential Realty in Los Angeles, California. You may have seen him on the Trulia celebrity home listings as he is the current listing agent for Johnny Depp. David lays out the steps to buying a home in one of the most truthful manners and I simply had to share it with you.

Buyer’s Calendar of Emotional Ups & Downs
By David Kean

Start of the Home Search: The excitement is building with so many choices and areas. It’s such great fun to look at homes. You just can’t see enough in a day. You just know you’re going to find the perfect house. My agent is really on the ball.

Mid-Search: Well, you will discover that there is a lot of ugly property in your price range. The good ones all seem to be sold. Looking at homes is getting to be dull. You almost expect disappointment. You will press on at the urging of your agent who keeps telling you, “Just keep looking. We will find something. You will know it when you see it.” I hope I picked the right agent.

End of Search: Yuck! Everything is ugly and overpriced, I’ll just rent. Buying a property is just too frustrating and disappointing. I’ll put my search off for a couple of years and wait for the market to slow down. My agent must not be very good since we can’t find anything decent. My agent is not showing me anything close to what I said I would like. Should I get a new agent? Is it really this tough to buy a house? I’ll look at a couple of more properties and that’s it! Then it happens. I love it. This is perfect. I feel like this property has been waiting for me. Thank goodness I didn’t give up. All the searching was worth it. I just knew I would find my dream home. I have the best agent in the city.

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