Buying in California

Q. Hi CJ, I am buying a home in California and am legally married in California. My husband is out of the country right now, getting his legal status resolved so he can come legally into the United States. I was told the title needs his signature because we are legally married, even though I am obtaining the loan myself.

Is it going to be an issue buying a property and not having him here to sign the title since it must be notarized? Thanks for your help! Aimee.

A. Hello Aimee, if you purchase your home with all cash, there should be no issue with you simply being on title.  If you purchase and borrow money through a lender, you will need to get a power of attorney signed by your husband or obtain an inter-spousal deed transfer.  It is best to consult with a title officer to help answer your specific questions.  If you know where escrow is opened on the property you are interested in, discuss options with the title officer there.

Good luck!