Implementing Common Core Standards in Santa Clara County

School API Santa Clara CountySince 2009, states, education departments, teachers and parents have been moving toward the acceptance and implementation of Common Core Standards for K-12 schools.  The challenge for the states and education districts has been to move the educational system based on memorizing facts for standardized testing to a more rigorous system which promotes critical thinking skills.  An equally important task was to create an interstate of educational standards that provided consistent content and expectations when a child moves from school to school and/or state to state.

For most parents and educators, a scale of which many schools are graded has been the API (Academic Progress Index) score.  This score has been an indicator of the improvement each school has made from year to year based on the “No Child Left Behind” academic plan.  Most have recognized the short coming of an education system that only teaches “to the test” and hence, the reformed plan of the Common Core Standards.  There are many resources on Common Core, including handbooks for administrators, teachers, and parents.

While the Common Core standards are being implemented, it was decided to place the API score recording on hold.  As the data collected for this score was mostly based on STAR testing system.  The new Smarter Balanced testing related to the Common Core teaching standards will not begin until 2015.

However, school score sites like and will provide a great deal of information about local schools to help parents understand various data points collected about local schools.

Recently, I met with Doron Aronson, Board of Trustees Member for the Cambrian School District about the Common Core Standards.   Below is a short video with frequently asked questions about Common Core.  Mr. Aronson has worked on the board for several years and as a father of a middle school student understands the concerns and challenges administrators, teachers, and parents may have while adopting the new Common Core standards.  If you have questions for Mr. Aronson about the Cambrian District or Common Core Standard implementation within the school district, you can contact him at –

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