Big Changes For Us in 2013

Intero PrestigioI have some exciting changes to share. After many great years at Fireside Realty, I have made the move to Intero Prestigio! The Prestigio group is a part of the larger Intero group and will provide my clients more inside tracks to Intero homes not yet on the market, as well as even more extensive global reach to buying clients all over the world.  This is a bold move and it is with the definite intention of providing my clients even more opportunities! Learn more about Intero.

Extended Services for my clients!
Over the years, I have assisted clients with the decision to Stay or Sell their home. Sometimes the advice through the consultation with other professionals and a review of the homeowner’s goals, the best decision has been to stay. Sometimes, it has been better to find a new home. This year, I brought together a group of professionals that will be available to my clients to help make decisions about interior design, remodeling, and refinancing!

I am very excited about this opportunity to take the homeownership experience past the “transaction” and hope you will contact us or pass our name on to a friend so that we can help make the decision to STAY or SELL! Check out the introduction video.

We will be adding checklists, advice, ideas, and much, much more to the website over the next few months. We would love your feedback!

As you know, my business grows on providing the very best service to my clients with the goal to go ABOVE & BEYOND for you! If you know of someone who is thinking about buying or selling a home, I would be honored by your kind referral.