Is your refrigerator ruining your kitchen floor? Simple protection device.

In my daily travels, the most common problem I see in homes for sale is water damage.  One of the first things I do as an agent previewing a home is look underneath every sink for drippy pipes and water connections.  Even the smallest drip can cause incredible damage over time.  The water slowly penetrates the cabinets, the walls, and the flooring.  Wet wood attracts insects, in particular termites, and suddenly that small drip can potentially cost lots of money to repair.  The one place that can be hard to check continuously for a water leak is behind the refrigerator.  If you have an ice maker you have a water supply line.  This water supply line can develop a leak and slowly drip water behind your refrigerator for a very long time before you recognize that your floor is bubbling up and the damage has been done.

However, there is a simple, inexpensive device that can take all the worry away.  This simple device is called an auto shut off connector.  They can be found at any hardware store and cost less than $40.  This device is placed at the connection and senses any change in pressure from a drip to a burst and then shuts off the water.  This is such a simple way to protect your home that I have considered giving them as house warming gifts.  However, you must install them for them to work.   Take a look at the video and you can see clearly how the Watts Floodsafe Auto-shutoff Connector works.

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