John Kilroy On Why A Recession Is Only A Negative Thought Away

John’s advice? Keep doing what you’re doing.

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Mega developer, John Kilroy spoke recently on predictions for the Bay Area related to economy, development, and global influences. 

As a developer, in the middle of some major projects, Mr. Kilroy believes a positive mental attitude is important.  I agree.  He comments on the need for people to not “talk themselves into a recession”.

He comments on 100,000 jobs being added over the next 3 years in California. I agree on the hub of the Silicon Valley Brain Trust and even though venture capital money has dropped, it is unlikely Silicon Valley will become an abandoned oil well.

Great overview from Allison Nages with Bisnow.

There’s a degree of caution, an expectation of adjustments, but for a company that looks at the long-term, there’s still plenty of positive news. He’s bullish on San Francisco, saying you can’t find a better place to invest.

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