Let’s Talk Toilets

I am from the South and toilets are not toilets they are “commodes”.  But no matter what you call them, as a home owner or potential home owner do not make light of trouble these porcelain thrones can cause if not cared for properly.  One of the simplest items in the home to care for (above gutters) can cause quite a bit of damage if maintenance is deferred.  Many times I have been witness to the lack of a $2 wax ring causing extensive sub floor damage underneath the vinyl or tile of a bathroom floor.  To repair a bathroom floor after a loose toilet or wax ring failure, many times the entire bathroom floor must be pulled up, the sub floor removed, and the floor joist scraped and treated for fungus.  All due to failure to keep a water tight seal between the toilet and sewer pipe.

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to replace a wax ring on a toilet.  Below you will also find a video from Joe Schmidt at the Home Remodel Workshop You Tube Channel  to help you walk through this simple home maintenance item.  There are great videos on this channel for home maintenance do-it-yourself tasks.