LIST: 8 Santa Clara Co. Schools Named Among Newsweek’s 2016 Top Public High Schools

Mountain View, CA – The list, released today, ranked the 500 best high schools in the country. [Breaking]

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Sigh. I have been involved with the school site council for two years at my local high school.  The scoring of schools is a wee bit crazy. No school is ran the same, not all implemented common core at the same time.  Some schools have been working with common core for three years and some started last year.  Each district controls the budgets for schools, and policy implementation is not consistent between schools within the same district. 


There are test and then there are communities of learning. Without consistency in how education is ran in our own county, I have a hard time comparing old API scores 902 and 890.  I would hope we could develop a school system that allowed each school to promote its strengths and its needs to the community and be supported appropriately. Not everyone can live in the “best” school district, should that be a reason they don’t receive the best education?