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Are you looking for the best elementary school in San Jose?  Maybe the best high school in Santa Clara County is important to you.  Are you looking for the latest API scores for  San Jose schools in neighborhoods like Willow Glen, Cambrian Park, Campbell, and Cupertino?  Here is a ton-o-information that can help you identify your neighborhood school based on school performance.

The following map comes from the web site School Performance Maps and is a great overview of school scores.  The data can be updated by clicking the pin point and reviewing the most recent scores, demographics, class size, and student to teacher ratios at  Simply Click the image to take you to the web site.

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Best  Santa Clara Schools

Best Performing Schools in the Bay Area

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For Specific School District Boundary Maps, click on the links below.  (Note: These are in PDF format and will be downloaded to your computer.)

Alum Rock School District  – Elementary and Middle Schools

Berryessa School District – Elementary and Middle

Union School District – Cambrian Park -Los Gatos

Moreland School District

Cambrian Elementary and Middle Schools – San Jose

Campbell Union Elementary and Middles Schools – Campbell/San Jose

Cupertino Elementary and Middle School District

Cupertino, Sunnyvale High School

East Side High School – San Jose

Mountain View -Whisman Unified Elementary

Mountain View – High Schools

Los Gatos Saratoga Elementary

Los Gatos Saratoga High Schools

Oak Grove Elementary School Maps

Oak Grove -by Street Address

Palo Alto Elementary and Middle Schools

Palo Alto High School

Santa Clara Elementary, Middle, High Schools

Sunnyvale Elementary and Middle

San Jose Unified Elementary North

San Jose Unified Elementary South

San Jose Unified High Schools


DISCLAIMER:  CJ Brasiel has gathered this information from other sources and it is considered reliable but  it is not guaranteed.  School boundary maps are provided as examples and do not guarantee admission.  As a parent/care giver you should always check with the school district to make sure your assignment is possible for a certain home address.









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