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The Great Housing Debate: Buying vs Renting – DSNews

The Great Housing Debate: Buying vs Renting – DSNews

On a national basis, for households who move every seven years and can afford to put 20 percent down, today buying a home is 37.7 percent less expensive than renting. This is up slightly from the year prior, and across the 100 largest metros it ranges from over 50 percent to slightly under 20 percent. Nationally, prices have increased by 5.9 percent year-over-year in comparison to a growth of 3.5 percent for rents. But thanks to low mortgage rates keeping pressure on prices, say McLaughlin, buying a home today continues to be the best deal since 2012.

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Of course these numbers are based on a National Average and 20% down but what do the Silicon Valley numbers look like?


“These markets include: Honolulu, HI; San Jose, CA; Milwaukee, WI; Newark, NJ; San Francisco, CA; Madison, WI; Sacramento, CA; Fairfield County, CT; Oakland, CA; and Ventura County, CA. Despite the fact that these markets have the slimmest advantage for buying compared to renting, it is still at least 22 percent cheaper to buy a home than rent in each of these markets.”

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