Preparing for the MOVE!
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Preparing for the MOVE!

When preparing for the move, there are SO many questions that come up. Whether it’s making the move to your first new home, or to your dream home, there is much to consider. In this video, I share some key points to help you put your best foot forward and reduce the stress of moving.

If you watched the previous video called “ When is the RIGHT time to Sell and Buy your next home?” you now have your goals, plan, and budget ready to take the next step.  Since you will be selling and buying another home at the same time, you will need time to prepare your current home, your finances, and yourself for the move.

How do you plan your current cash and your sales proceeds to purchase the next home?  Look at the overall cash flow and see when you will have the best cash stash.  Do you have a pay raise or bonus from work coming in? Will you need to pay taxes or wait for a refund to best set up for the move? Having solid cash savings can always help to manage surprises.

• Next, begin to organize your paperwork –  Begin a file with typical lender requirements. Your last 2 year’s taxes, last 2 months’ pay stubs, last 2 months’ bank statements, bonus documents, overtime records, stock options, 401Ks and plan to update these monthly.  It is also a good idea to order a copy of your credit and look for errors. Correct any issues as soon as possible as corrections can take time to display on a revised credit report. Also, wait before paying off credit cards and cars, as your loan officer may be able to advise on which payoff may be best for your specific situation. 

• Now- begin to organize your current home – This is the time to start going through the garage, storage, and closets, and begin the process of purging. Plan for charities and yard sales. The less you have to move, the more money and time you will save in the end. Start with cleaning the garage so that items in the interior home that you do plan to move can be boxed up and stored in the garage.

• Finally, balance these monotonous activities with looking at homes!  I recommend looking at all kinds of homes in different price points and neighborhoods.  Just look at homes.  These first tours are meant to be fun and informational. Tours are helpful in seeing what brings value to homes in the current market and what your perception of value is for various homes and neighborhoods.  DO NOT rely on pictures online.  Although technologies are improving to show the layout and floor plan of a home, it is always best to walk through a home with a Realtor®.

By the way, don’t be surprised if during this time you find what you believe is the “PERFECT HOME”.   Have no fear, there will always be another one!  The good news is we make houses into homes and the right home comes along at just the right time.

Look for my next video on how to sell and buy in an ever-changing real estate market. for strategies that provide you a WIN-WIN on your next move.

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