First Time Seller

First Time Seller

Staging Hacks to Make your Home Feel More Luxurious

The use of Luxury Home Staging Techniques is a surefire way to sell your home quickly at a maximum price. Remember, the main goal is to allow potential buyers to envision their lives in the house, giving them an emotional attachment to it. Hence, make sure that you...

How Are Millennials Driving Demands in the Housing Market Today?

Millennials want to live in the city center in urban neighborhoods that are close to the action. They want to Uber, Lyft or walk to their favorite restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. Even more importantly, Millennials want to live in mixed-use developments, where...

What Do I Need to Know About Staging My Silicon Valley Home?

Preparing your Silicon Valley home for sale can be quite a challenge because you want to make sure your home is the best it can be and tick just the right checkboxes as well. See, you don't want to spend a year getting ready, but you do want to make the appropriate...

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