Staging Hacks to Make your Home Feel More Luxurious
Staging Hacks to Make your Home Feel More Luxurious

Staging Hacks to Make your Home Feel More Luxurious

The use of Luxury Home Staging Techniques is a surefire way to sell your home quickly at a maximum price. Remember, the main goal is to allow potential buyers to envision their lives in the house, giving them an emotional attachment to it. Hence, make sure that you showcase its best features and opt for designs that appeal to a broad range of buyers. 


Check out our list of High-End Home Staging Tips that prove to be a worthwhile investment. 


Stick to the Basics 

Decluttering, removing eccentric and personal items, and throwing out trash can go a long way in making your home not just luxurious but also welcoming and cozy. The same is true for these simple hacks below: 

  • Hanging white towels in the bathroom
  • Arranging the bed with white bedding
  • Replacing worn-out cabinet hardware
  • Ensuring good lighting to emphasize the home’s best features 


Emphasize the Lifestyle You’re Selling

When selling a cookie-cutter home, most decorators use furniture as the focal point. However, this rule does not apply if you’re dealing with a luxury home in which the buyers are generally concerned with how the home makes it convenient to live the lifestyle they want. 


For instance, a house surrounded by mountains should take advantage of the pristine nature and its view and should ideally come with a foyer where people can store their hiking equipment, boots, walking shoes, and other things. Or if your home is made for entertaining a large crowd, it’s best that you emphasize the sprawling patio or the open-floor plan where there is a smooth flow between the kitchen and dining area.


Opt for Neutral 

Opting for neutral elements ensures that your home appeals to a broader range of buyers. A good rule of thumb is to use white or any subdued wall color, avoid very unique and personal accents and upgrades (e.g., a grand sofa with an animal print), and be cautious when using unexpected design pieces. 


Some people think that going neutral means “cold” and “boring design.” However, this is far from the truth if you create interest with a mix of textures by combining warm materials such as wood and fabric with cold materials like metal, glass, and stonework; use clever and unusual design pieces; and make the most of the natural light. 


Lean More Toward Minimalism 

With a minimalist design, your luxury home can easily adapt to trends and new occupants. To achieve this style, invest in clever storage, prioritize functionality above all else, choose quality over quantity, and take advantage of the natural light to create a warm and cheerful ambiance. 


Reflect Your Home’s Setting

If the home is in the Greater Bay area and just minutes away from the beach, it should feel like an extension of the coastline, or if it’s in the mountains, it should take advantage of the picturesque view by installing large windows. Additionally, the furniture and decor must be consistent with the home’s setting and climate. 


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Staging A Luxury Home To Wow Buyers

Luxury Home Staging appeals to a broad range of buyers looking for properties in the San Jose & Greater Bay Area. However, the success of home selling not only boils down to design and features but also to your game plan. For this reason, it’s a must that you work with a reputable real estate broker who knows the local market.


For nearly 20 years, I have been presenting homes on behalf of homeowners across the San Francisco Bay Area and staging is absolutely key to obtaining the highest and best offer. Highlighting key features, demonstrating a lifestyle, really help potential buyers see more value than the simple statistics of  number of bedrooms, baths, and square footage. If you are thinking about selling your home and want to discuss strategies for how to market your home in the best way, call me. Let’s talk about what’s important to you. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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